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Female software engineers pioneer app that makes running errands more efficient

The software engineering industry is predominantly composed of male developers, but Nicole Klein and Melissa Hargis used their coding expertise and entrepreneurial skills to create an app called Chorbit that is changing how the world plans their day. Chorbit is a free new app that makes running errands quicker and easier by providing the best route and is one of many apps set to be released by Klein and Hargis' mobile app company, Shortkey. Chorbit can be downloaded in the iOS App Store, and the company is adding more beneficial features to the Chorbit app at midnight on Friday, Feb. 12. The new features include: 

  • - Traffic updates in which users can refresh, reoptimize and reorder their route at any time to factor in current traffic conditions
  • - Ability to enter up to five destinations
  • - Walking, cycling and transit directions
  • - Themed routes with a browsable section of local themed trips and information regarding what to do or buy in the area
  • - Ability to pull addresses from contacts
  • - Autocomplete
  • - Ability to enter addresses in addition to location title and general search term

App users and esteemed software engineering professionals alike are impressed and pleased with the Chorbit app, and the new features being added will enhance the product even more. Liliana Aide Monge, the CEO of an educational software engineering program based in Southern California called Sabio, shares, “We at Sabio are exceptionally impressed with the technical prowess exhibited by the Shortkey team. Their first app, Chorbit, is simple and elegant, but drives a significant tech punch, the perfect balance of form and function!”

Users of the app say, “I've been using Chorbit for the last two months and absolutely love it! This app helps me expedite the amount of time I spend looking for the closest stores/places. I typed in coffee, Bed Bath & Beyond and tacos. It then directed me to the three closest places to get the tasks accomplished. I recommend this app instead of using Yelp because of its accuracy and usability.”

For more information regarding the Chorbit app or the mobile app company Shortkey, please visit You can also stay up-to-date on what’s new with Chorbit on social media at and

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