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2016 Launch Festival Hackathon Winners: Female Software Engineers Create Groundbreaking Mobile App That Changes Career Development Process

The typical career development process is about to change drastically due to a mobile app called Betagig that allows users to "beta test" a career choice before deciding on a major and pursuing an educational path. Betagig can be used by various ages and work backgrounds, but it is especially geared toward high school and college students. Users can download the app to set up job shadowing opportunities with professionals in diverse occupations by simply clicking on job positions available at companies that have partnered with Betagig. The clever app will be free to download and will only cost a fee if job shadowing is arranged. Some companies have even offered to sponsor the job shadowing opportunities listed on the app for free.

Betagig was developed by software engineers Nicole Klein and Melissa Hargis and is set to be released in the iOS App Store in July 2016. The two female entrepreneurs won the prestigious Launch Festival Hackathon in San Francisco this year for the Betagig app, and the win enabled them to walk away from the competition with $250,000 and numerous investor opportunities, which has given them the backing to make Betagig revolutionary. The win also allows the app founders to participate in the Launch Incubator that will assist in advancing Betagig's product development during a 12-week period and will enable them to pitch to additional renowned investors. The Launch Festival is held in San Francisco and is known as "The world's largest start-up event" with about 15,000 entrepreneurs in attendance looking to build new companies.

According to the Gallup Poll, 75 percent of college students pick the wrong major, and the app creators, Klein and Hargis, can relate to the statistic. Klein shares, "We are both career changers. Before being software engineers, I worked in the stock market, and my business partner, Melissa, was a Spanish professor. We both believe the current education system needs a serious revamp."

Hargis says, "At Betagig, we want everyone to love what they do. When people are passionate about their work and are well-suited for their career, they are not just happier, but they are also more productive."

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